The Pienaar Family

What a fun afternoon this was!

When Maude booked me for this shoot I was super stoked as I’ve known this family since I was a little girl! We all grew up in the same schools, same church etc and it was such a privilege to have had the opportunity to capture what they are all about. It is such a joy to see a family get together and joke around, laugh until you’re crying and just have some fun!

We did this shoot at Sante Winelands and Spa and you can see the family house in the background in some photos. What a privilege to live between all of that beauty!

Ek hoop julle het die shoot net so baie geniet soos ek! En ek hoop julle sal altyd na hierdie fotos kyk en besef hoe bevoorreg julle is om mekaar te kan he! En om altyd te onthou om saam te lag! 🙂

Geniet die fotos!



Pienaar Familie_001

Pienaar Familie_003

Pienaar Familie_124

Pienaar Familie_005

Pienaar Familie_007

Pienaar Familie_008

Pienaar Familie_012

Pienaar Familie_021

Pienaar Familie_024

Pienaar Familie_025

Pienaar Familie_028

Pienaar Familie_033

Pienaar Familie_034

Pienaar Familie_036

Pienaar Familie_040

Pienaar Familie_042

Pienaar Familie_045

Pienaar Familie_053

Pienaar Familie_071

Pienaar Familie_079

Pienaar Familie_091

Pienaar Familie_092

Pienaar Familie_097

Pienaar Familie_100

Pienaar Familie_104

Pienaar Familie_108

Pienaar Familie_111

Pienaar Familie_114

Pienaar Familie_120

Pienaar Familie_131

Pienaar Familie_135

Pienaar Familie_137

Pienaar Familie_141

Pienaar Familie_149

Pienaar Familie_157

Pienaar Familie_161

Pienaar Familie_165

Pienaar Familie_167

Pienaar Familie_174

Pienaar Familie_178

Pienaar Familie_182

Pienaar Familie_184

Pienaar Familie_185

Pienaar Familie_186

Pienaar Familie_193

Pienaar Familie_197

Pienaar Familie_199

Pienaar Familie_205


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