The Maree Family

What a pleasure to have met the Maree Family! With the most beautiful little girl and another one on the way it so much fun getting to know them.

They stay on the amazing Diemersfontein farm and that means they’ve got their own little vineyard in their back garden which produces quite a few bottles of wine every year! Isn’t that the dream? So of course the shoot happened in and around their house. We were worried about rain earlier that day and look how the skies opened up! Amazing!

Dit was so lekker om julle te kon afneem! Nicola is ‘n juweel en julle is ‘n pragtige familie! Geniet die fotos!

Maree Familie_001

Maree Familie_003

Maree Familie_005

Maree Familie_006

Maree Familie_009

Maree Familie_010

Maree Familie_012

Maree Familie_014

Maree Familie_015

Maree Familie_023

Maree Familie_025

Maree Familie_026

Maree Familie_028

Maree Familie_030

Maree Familie_037

Maree Familie_041

Maree Familie_042

Maree Familie_046

Maree Familie_051

Maree Familie_053

Maree Familie_056

Maree Familie_057

Maree Familie_059

Maree Familie_065

Maree Familie_068

Maree Familie_070

Maree Familie_074

Maree Familie_076

Maree Familie_079

Maree Familie_084

Maree Familie_086

Maree Familie_088

Maree Familie_092

Maree Familie_098

Maree Familie_102

Maree Familie_106

Maree Familie_108

Maree Familie_113

Maree Familie_126

Maree Familie_130

Maree Familie_132

Maree Familie_139

Maree Familie_141

Maree Familie_145

Maree Familie_148

Maree Familie_149

Maree Familie_154

Maree Familie_158

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  1. Christa de Beer says: Reply

    Dis pragtige fotos… en n nog meer pragtige gesin !!!!! Absoluut beautiful….

  2. maritza says: Reply

    Dis pragtige fotos. Lyk soos iets in n boek.

  3. Susan Ouma van die mooi familie! says: Reply

    Ouma San se trots!!

  4. Francois Maree says: Reply

    Dit lyk mos nou na ‘n mooi gesin! Awesome! Trots op julle!

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