Renier & Yolandie

Renier and Yolandie are expecting their firstborn, Leo and we just had to capture this memorable time! Yolandie is looking radiant!!! There is nothing quite as exciting as becoming brand new parents! I’ve known Yolandie pretty much since I was a few months old and she was born. Our moms have been best friends since their high school years so we naturally grew up together. It was such a privilege to have captured this exciting time in their lives.

Renier en Yolandie ek sien uit daarna om Leo te ontmoet en daai gesiggie te sien! Geniet die tydjie wat oor is, ons is saam met julle opgewonde!


ilse Renier & Yolandie_001

Renier & Yolandie_002

Renier & Yolandie_005

Renier & Yolandie_008

Renier & Yolandie_021

Renier & Yolandie_031

Renier & Yolandie_038

Renier & Yolandie_041

Renier & Yolandie_044

Renier & Yolandie_048

Renier & Yolandie_049

Renier & Yolandie_054

Renier & Yolandie_057

Renier & Yolandie_059

Renier & Yolandie_071

Renier & Yolandie_072

Renier & Yolandie_073

Renier & Yolandie_063

Renier & Yolandie_077

Renier & Yolandie_078

Renier & Yolandie_081

Renier & Yolandie_082

Renier & Yolandie_084

Renier & Yolandie_085

Renier & Yolandie_086

Renier & Yolandie_089

Renier & Yolandie_091

Renier & Yolandie_093

Renier & Yolandie_099

Renier & Yolandie_100

Renier & Yolandie_101

Renier & Yolandie_102

Renier & Yolandie_105

Renier & Yolandie_107

Renier & Yolandie_109

Renier & Yolandie_110

Renier & Yolandie_113

Renier & Yolandie_118

Renier & Yolandie_119

Renier & Yolandie_122

Renier & Yolandie_127

Renier & Yolandie_129

Renier & Yolandie_134

Renier & Yolandie_138

Renier & Yolandie_144

Renier & Yolandie_146

Renier & Yolandie_148

Renier & Yolandie_149

Renier & Yolandie_150

Renier & Yolandie_153

Renier & Yolandie_154

Renier & Yolandie_159

Renier & Yolandie_161

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